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Core Technology

LGB has a modern production process which keeps the active ingredients in plants, but also has advanced production equipments, production technology, proprietary technology and advanced testing equipments.

Advanced Production Equipments

LGB has a GMP standard workshop covering an area of 5,000©O and ISO 9001 production line. LGB has four separate workshops for producing berries anthocyanin, milk thistle extract, lutein and baicalin. The production equipments are mainly including the most advanced continuous ultrasonic countercurrent extraction equipment, ¦Á-horizontal spiral centrifuge, plate filter, insert plate filter, barrier separation equipment£¬centrifugal separator, extraction tank, storage tank, packaging machine, water treatment equipment, spray-drying tower, resin separator, resin regeneration vessel, sealing machine, etc.

Advanced Testing Equipments

LGB has a national class lab with many advanced equipments, such as HPLC, UV, TLC, microbiology test and etc. LGB uses the most advanced equipments to test and research high technology products and meets all the customers¡¯ requirements.

Production Technology
Microwave extraction technology

Due to the absorption of microwave energy, the cell temperature rises rapidly, so that the internal pressure of cells beyond the expansion of the cell wall capacity, cell wall rupture, the free flow of active ingredients within the cell, the extraction of medium under low temperature conditions dissolved .

Microbial fermentation technology

The purified yeast ions are removed by the fermentation of the extract obtained by extraction with water and organic solvent to achieve the purpose of purification. It is also found that the purified metal ions can be removed better. If the extractant is water and ethanol, Directly concentrated after fermentation, if the extract is acetone, then to remove acetone before fermentation.

Ultrasonic countercurrent extraction technology

It can operate continuously, thus greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for mass extraction of herbal medicines. The adoption of ultrasonic wave extraction technology enables our continuous ultrasonic wave countercurrent extraction equipment production line to have a lot of advantages. First, the extracting time is obviously shortened. Second, low temperature is particularly suitable for extraction of thermally sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients. Third, impurity content and power consumption are greatly reduced, and extraction ratio is effectively improved. The countercurrent extraction method is used to reduce the amount of solvent and lighten workload of the following filtration, separation and concentration, thus reduces production cost.  The continuous ultrasonic wave countercurrent extraction equipment production line operates in airtight environment. This effectively reduces process loss and guarantees security.

Macroporous resin adsorption technology

Depending on the material composition, the extraction material is different, choose different types of resin.The physical structure (such as surface, aperture, etc.) work, different resins have different pertinence. This technique can reduce the dose, improve the intrinsic quality and level of the preparation. It reduces the moisture absorption of the product and can shorten the production cycle, the required equipment is simple, eliminating the need for standing sedimentation, concentration and other time-consuming processes. Save packaging, reduce costs.

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