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Our Land

Our factory is located in virgin forest of the DaXingAnLing Region. The beautiful scenery of mountains and hills, that is pollution-free, industry-free, pesticide-free with enriched black soil. Here we grow more than 1,314 kinds of wild and natural resources, which enhances our wild and organic ingredients. A few of popular local resources we own: Wild & Organic Blueberry Wild & Organic Lingonberry Wild & Organic Nettle Root, Wild Phellinus igniarius, Wild Birch Bark and Wild Rosehip.


Plant protein is quite popular in our daily live nowadays, such as flavored pine needle protein, rice protein, black rice protein, cranberry protein, pea protein, hemp protein, and so on. Protein and Meal Replacements are functional foods use in nutritional supplementation, energy bars, one shots and drinks. We also can change the protein or supplement flavors according to your request.

We customize

Cannot find the extraction you need? Our manufacture will customize to your spec. Need a blend? Our manufacture will do that as well. We will work with you to your desired requirement.

Maca extract

Tongkat ali extract

Hericium erinaceus extract

Rose Hip extract

Cordyceps sinensis extract

Banaba leaf extract


Food and DrugAdministrationreferred to FDA




HACCP to ensure food safety in the production, processing, manufacturing, such as food preparation and consumption in the process


ISO9001 certification is one of a core set of quality management system standard ISO9000 family of standards included


halal certification is halal certified products comply with regulations by reviewing raw materials, ingredients, materials, production processes


USDA United StatesDepartment of Agriculture“

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